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Let's Start 2020 All Over Again Shall We?
Find Your Tribe With Amanda Kate and Feel Supported as You Get Your Mojo Back. 
It's Not too Late to Feel Your Most Vibrant & Energised Self in 2020. 
If you're looking for a personal cheerleader and personal coach who is 100% on your team and a kick ass community of like-minded women to support you in achieving your goals... You've come to the right place...
We're giving you the opportunity to  experience what Amanda Kate is all about with 1 FREE week of semi private holistic training, designed to help re-ignite your motivation towards a more confident and healthier you to kick the rest of this years ass!
Ready to Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals?
If you're looking for a personal cheerleader, motivator and trainer with simple and effective advice... You've come to the right place...
We're giving you the opportunity to apply for 1 of 6 places available for 1 FREE week of semi private training, designed to help re-ignite your motivation towards a more confident and healthier you...
"Amanda is a phenomenal coach. She is knowledgeable, passionate and gives her clients 110%. The community she has created has not only helped me achieve health and fitness goals but inspired and encouraged me in my work life and general mindset. I would recommend the Amanda Kate to anyone of any age or fitness level!" ~ A Fallon
How Can We Help You With Your Health and Fitness Goals?
Achieving your goals requires a certain commitment to nutrition and training; but equally important is your mindset and attitude towards it all...
Effective Personal Training
We'll get the heart pumping. When you train with us, you'll train more efficiently & effectively than ever before. We'll help you fast track your results.
Nutritional Coaching
Healthy Bodies are made in the kitchen. When you join our team, we'll take the confusion out of healthy eating. We'll create a plan specific to you & your lifestyle and educate you with all the knowledge to sustain life long health and happiness.
Motivation and Mindset
Getting results  is a science, keeping those result is psychology. Same goes with any goal! Mindset is the biggest hurdle when wanting to make change. We'll be with you every step of the way to help you change habits and create sustainable change inside and out.
If you're trying to do it all on your own and you're not getting the results you deserve, it's time to get some help...
Here's a few reasons why Amanda Kate  is so different 
I see you! I get it, this is why I am so passionate!
I've been a Women's Health & Fitness Coach and holistic life coach for several years now and believe me when I say, I know how hard it is to ACTUALLY feel your best mentally, physically and emotionally. 

We go through so many transformations along our journey through life as women and what we don't realise is that along this journey, the way we nourish, respect and look after our bodies will change. The problem is, when you don't have that support person who is on your team, who understands the challenges that can get in the way of you looking after yourself [insert kids, work, expectations] it is so easy to not prioritise your own needs. 

Do you ever feel this way? Feel as if you've let “life” get in the way of putting yourself first? Sometimes feeling uncomfortable in your clothes and feel as if you don't have the support, guidance or accountability to help you make a change? I know for me, after having my daughter, it was challenging nurturing myself as my body and mindset completely changed.  

I get it, I understand how you feel and how confusing it can be to find a plan, a program or a coach that works, so when you join us for your free week, together we're going to help you overcome these challenges. We will focus not just on training and nutrition but on your lifestyle and mindset, which is actually where all the magic is!!!

This is not a "No pain no gain" approach
So many people don't reach out for help with their health and fitness goals because they have a pre-conceived idea of what they will experience.

Crazy diets that leave you hangry, restricting foods and feeling deprived. Getting smashed in the gym to the point you dread your training sessions.

This is NOT how you get LONG LASTING results. How do I know? Because almost every person I have coached have come from an experience like that. Almost every person I have coached who has experienced this, has not been able to maintain what they had achieved long term.

The difference? Long term results come from realistic, consistent, action taking over a long period of time. Action that feels GOOD. Action that feels so good that you want to keep doing it.  

This is how you will be supported when you are coached by me. I'll show you how you can cultivate a healthier, happier you in a far more sustainable way where we tailor it around you and your lifestyle.  You will be coached! Not "trained" That's right - no cancelling on Friday night drinks with the girls, or that piece of birthday cake. 
You are a part of a family! You will overcome the challenges you're experiencing with a tribe of support
When I first start coaching with my clients, there are some common problems they often identify as to why they didn't start sooner... Let's see if you can relate. 

Do you ever feel like you want to exercise but lack energy and feel tired all the time? After early mornings and a stressful day, the last thing you want to do is hit the gym and you just don't feel you have the time. You want to make a change, but you know that you need to make sure that eating well isn't overly expensive and it's going to be something you AND the family are going to enjoy... 

You've got no time. You've tried a million different things. It's confusing to know who to trust. I totally get it. 
 So when you join us for your free week, I'll help you put together a plan on how you can fit a healthy lifestyle around you, your work, your social life and your family. 

The Amanda Kate community has your back no matter what you are experiencing to help you feel supported and nurtured. With regular community events, educational workshops, private online membership hub and plenty of opportunities to connect with people who will make your journey easy and fun!

Apply For Your Free Week of Training Now
When you submit your details we will jump on a discovery call first to 1) Get to know you and what you are wanting to achieve 2) Make sure we are a good fit and 3) Give you all the "Bang for Buck" tools to give you the best head start
...and get the guidance, support and coaching you need to start developing the habits that will give you results that last you a lifetime. When you join our team, you'll be joining a training and lifestyle community that motivates you to lead by example and be the role model you want to be. We'll help develop programming and training that is focused on changing your body shape, NOT just making you a smaller version of yourself. 
If your application is successful, here's what you'll get access to during your FREE week of training
1 full week of semi private training sessions
(join us for up to 5 sessions at 
our Private Studio in Heathridge)
Access to the Create Change Guide Volume 3 
(94 pages of life changing content, meal plan, recipes, lifestyle advice, science behind losing weight and all the mindset tools to keep you on track)
Get access to our members Facebook group
(there are over 100 women in this private group, who support and encourage one another)
Have a one on one strategy session
(let us help you move from unmotivated and frustrated to happy, healthy and energised)
Apply For Your Free Week of Training Now
When you submit your details we will jump on a discovery call first to 1) Get to know you and what you are wanting to achieve 2) Make sure we are a good fit and 3) Give you all the "Bang for Buck" tools to give you the best head start
A Little Bit of Love From the Women Inside of Amanda Kate 
I asked the incredible women who are a part of our program to tell us why they love Amanda Kate, and I was blown away by the response. These beautiful women say that I inspire them everyday, but the truth is, they are the ones that inspire me, each and every day.


I am a holistic lifestyle and empowerment  coach who works with women who are ready to put themselves first after years of neglect physically, mentally and emotionally, so that they can experience a life that nurtures and elevates them to their best self. 

My career started in the beauty industry over  12 years ago, helping women escape from their world to a place where they felt beautiful, 
nurtured and accepted, to a booked out personal trainer and coach, guiding women through nourishing their bodies with movement 
and nutrition which expressed even  further to me that what lies beneath is where the magic to transformation lies. Now coaching women to breakthrough the road blocks keeping them from achieving and having 
what they want.

MY MISSION and my SOUL PURPOSE is to help women reconnect. To TUNE IN, put  themselves first and nurture themselves to reveal the confident, resilient and empowered woman within. 

I live in Heathridge, Western Australia with my Husband Jason, my beautiful daughter  Madelyn and husky dog, Rusty. When I’m not working with amazing women like you, you can find me at the beach or enjoying a cheeky prosecco with friends.

Experience a week with us, get a taste for a boost of energy, be surrounded by like minded women and train in a way that will leave you invigorated. 

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